Mobile vs Desktop



Image Credit: Churchmag

From a survey conducted by Entrepreneur, it was found that of the 252 big-company and big-agency marketers, 27% believed mobile marketing to be the next big thing. However, the article stresses about those 27% marketers as the author believes that mobile marketing has “already arrived”.

Interestingly, in another article, Clark Boyd says that while many marketers have a ‘mobile first’ mindset, they should first think about how what and when customers are using their mobile devices before declaring that the desktop is dead. Clarke reports that the usage of desktop or laptop computers was the same between 2016 and 2008, despite the growth of mobile usage. This statistic implies that people are still using desktop as much as they were using in the past. Therefore, while marketing communications in the mobile sector should be increased it is important not to ignore other devices. In addition, it was reported that the time spent browsing a site on a desktop was found to be 1.9 times longer that the time a person spent browsing the sites on mobile devices.

While the views in the two articles are not contradictory, it is important for marketers to sit back and think about the devices their customers are using in their purchase journeys. For example, if mobile is being used more for searching and desktops are being used for purchasing, then digital marketing promotions should be coordinated in a way that facilitates the search aspect of a mobile space while enhancing the retail space of desktop sites for a business.

Should marketers shift focus to mobile marketing? Please share your thought.