Do your emails leave you feeling wanting more?

Most social media platforms can serve as a communication medium, despite emails remain an important part of our daily lives. While businesses do send emails, not all of them can ignite a high level of interest in their readers that successfully takes them to the businesses’ websites.

As per Adobe Campaign’s third annual consumer email survey, 61% of consumers prefer to hear about brands via email. The campaign also reported that 40% of the respondents would like the emails received to be more informative and less promotional. And I couldn’t agree more. Off late I have received emails that have left me wanting more information. I myself check emails on the commute to work and there isn’t always time to click on links provided on emails, and thus I find promotional emails that are not informative, extremely annoying.

To illustrate my point, look at the two emails I have received from two different retailers for the same products.


Both emails relate to a promotion of the Alexander Wang’s collaboration with Adidas. The Alexander Wang email (image on the right) left me wanting more! All I see here is the brand’s logo and the release date with no product information. In contrast, Sneakerboy’s email was more informative. Along with the logo, they have provided pictures from the collection in addition to information of locations where the collection will be available. Therefore, if the two email promotions are compared, Sneakerboy’s one is more appealing and effective in my opinion as a consumer, because its providing me a wider range of information rather than just reinforcing its existence, which is what Alexander Wang has done here.

While it is understandable that the brands are wanting to direct email recipients to their online stores, for that to happen it is important that they provide sufficient information in those emails. At the end of the day, I believe that it is safer for brands to provide more information, as then their visitors will be people who are informed and are visiting their stores with a pre-existing interest, rather than accumulating site traffic that would unlikely contribute any sales revenue.

Please share your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Do your emails leave you feeling wanting more?”

  1. Hi! I think that the kind of emails you get on the right is simply to create awareness and curiosity in the minds of customers ,which is fine but I definitely agree with how you said that Sneakerboy’s one is more effective in terms of being informative. This way, people won’t have to bother going to their websites to find information which would actually benefit the marketers as messages are being communicated faster and straight to the customers. Great post!

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    1. Thanks, Nastsha! Yes, I did consider that Alexander Wang’s email was more about creating awareness. However, emails from brands are sent to people who have signed up for it. Therefore, they are already aware of the brand, in this instance product or the offering should be the focus, in my opinion.


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