Virtual Reality (VR). The future of digital marketing?

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Marketing in the digital age evolves at a fast pace. Period. Marketing using VR technology seems to be one such evolution that’s gaining prominence. VR allows something that other types devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers fail to provide customers digitally- an experience. Consumers using VR technology can experience being in an environment which they cannot using other forms of devices.

 Builder reports that home builders are using virtual reality (VR) to show potential buyers how an empty space would look with different furnishing options. As a result, customers are able to see the potential result of a future investment before proceeding with the actual purchase. Fielding Home, a California based builder said adapting such “cutting-edge” technology had allowed them to instil confidence in their customers, as customers feel that if Fielding Home is using such advanced technology, they must be “cutting-edge” as well. Fielding Home also reports that since they have adapted this technology, their social media clicks have experienced a 300% increase, which further shows how powerful this technology can be if incorporated properly, from a digital marketing perspective.

Apart for builders, retailers are also incorporating VR technology in their marketing campaigns. As per Forbes, hardware retailer, Lowe in the USA allows its customers to look at how a remodelling project would look like using the items that they are interested in or have selected to purchase, using VR headsets. Tom’s, a shoe and accessories retailer has also made of VR technology in their stores, where customers wearing the VR headsets are taken aboard a virtual journey to Peru where the company is seen giving away free shoes to children in need.

In my point of view using VR technology can help a business greatly in its digital marketing campaigns. When purchasing, customers are subject to risks which leads them to question if they are making the correct purchase decision- this is something that can be eliminated though this technology, if implemented properly.

Have you seen other types of retailers adapting VR technology as part of their digital marketing? If yes, please share the links in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Reality (VR). The future of digital marketing?”

  1. Great post. I have also made a blog post on VR technology recently. I haven’t seen many companies adapting the VR technology as part of their digital marketing yet except for one company. It was for some type of Zombie-shooting experience in a North Melbourne warehouse called ‘Zero Latency’. Besides that one, i haven’t seen many other companies (or retailers) in Australia use this type of tech to promote any businesses.
    Perhaps Australia is a little behind with promoting their VR tech?

    Also i would like to link you some awesome ones that i have found (however i have been black-listed by wordpress because they believed that it was spam. I couldn’t post comments on people’s blogs for a month). But you can look up ‘zero latency’ if you’re interested 🙂


    1. Hi Tea! I’m glad you liked my post. The only company I have seen using VR as part of its marketing strategy would be Samsung, but then again, they are selling it so doesn’t count as strongly as the other examples I have used in the post. I did check out ‘zero latency’ and must say it looks really fun and promising! I hope to see the VR technology be implemented in the online retail space, I think that is where VR can really add value to customers which will be beneficial to online retailers!

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